M&M’s: Math and Memes

Who doesn’t love a good meme?

When reviewing for my students’ unit test, I wanted to add some spice into the review instead of the regular practice problems and I’m so glad I did. Students were posed with the task of creating a meme that related to imaginary and/or complex numbers.

How did this work?

I supplied students with a Jamboard that included 18 different choices for memes. Examples of some of these meme templates are below: (I found these all on Google)

Students were given the same link to the Jamboard where they could edit whichever meme they decided to choose. I told students that if they finished early, they could complete more than one meme. I copied two of the same memes on each slide so that more than one student could choose that meme if they wanted to. Some examples of memes my students created are below! (Scroll to see more!)

Now this one I just thought was hysterical…

How did I know students enjoyed this activity?

Every other week I have my students reflect on the class to tell me what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy. Most students responded that they enjoyed the meme activity, and some of the reasons they enjoyed it included, “it was educational and fun at the same time”, “It gave the option to be creative while also showing knowledge of the work”, and “It made me think about how to make this one concept funny.”

After students made their memes, they had the opportunity to look through their classmates’ memes and we shared some good laughs together.

As a teacher, I had a lot of fun seeing my students having fun. I plan on using the meme templates again for future reviews because this was such an enjoyable experience for my students.

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  1. Amy this made my day! Your students are so creative as is this activity! I especially appreciate how you get to see not only their thinking but also how they feel about the content in some cases! What a great way to invite in students’ personalities.

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