Continuing Team Sorts Within My Virtual Classroom

My geometry course is always replete with new vocabulary to learn and apply; so in the virtual learning setting, I was looking for ways for my geometry students to discuss and manipulate new terms and connect them with meanings and diagrams. I have long valued activities related to sorting and classifying to help my students think through new ideas at a higher level. When my students and I were together in class, we used hands-on sorting cards and table templates along with modified hot potato conversations, through which they took turns verbalizing and explaining as they classified and sorted. In class, I also liked how these activities replaced the monotony of paper-and-pencil work that is so often required in math class. As the team members took turns placing the diagrams in the template, they used their voice to express vocabulary and their opinion of where and why to place them, and each student had a place in the conversation. In our TRC research, we are studying equitable voice in teams, and we have agreed that much of it begins with the teacher designing platforms and opportunities for every student to share their ideas in some way.

As I researched and prepared for distance learning, I sought a replacement for these activities that I so greatly valued and the students enjoyed. Classkick ( was an application in which I found an answer to my search. Along with many other excellent attributes, Classkick has a feature in which a teacher can create sorts for their students. It is user-friendly and I have begun to create my own library of sorting and classifying activities for students to use in teams, or on their own, to foster a deeper understanding of geometric terms, figures, and ideas. When they do the sorts with a partner or a team in a remote breakout room or even whole-class, students are give opportunities to exercise their voice by taking turns selecting, manipulating, and explaining. Below are screenshots of just some of the sorts I have created, and I am looking forward to creating new ones in regard to proofs and other geometry content!  

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