Fraction Talks

Throughout my work with opening up tasks so far this year, I have found it extremely beneficial to include number talks. Lesson 1.2.6 in Core Connections 2 is an optional lesson designed to provide work with adding fractions. I decided to approach this lesson and its objective of reviewing methods for adding fractions with unlike denominators with a fraction talk. To launch, I put the first image in the sequence on the board, posed the questions below, and used a Think-Ink-Pair-Share strategy. I was able to then collect multiple solutions and justifications from students and record them on the board. I progressed through the second and third sequence using this same study team strategy each time. My students offered a full spectrum of ideas that astounded me. I was quickly reminded how important it is not to limit student thinking to a process or a rote calculation. My intention in sharing this work is to encourage math educators to try a lesson like this with students, it may just surprise you! Strategies from my seventh grade students are summarized and highlighted below.

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