Closure- Make the Math Challenging and Fun

Incorporating DESMOS ( into the closure days for the chapters was one of the best ways to help all students engage and see value in the work their peers have done last school year.  I used the Marbleslides activity as a chapter closure and saw the best results from this day. Each student worked independently. I had the teacher dashboard projected with the names in “anonymous mode.”  As students worked, I would click on some of the student work that was being done for various problems. This was very informal and I didn’t make many comments about the first couple that I clicked through.  As the problems got more difficult, I started making comments about how cool or unique some of the creations were. Even if students didn’t follow the rules of the game exactly, they still created a variety of functions to collect the stars.  Students that normally would be silenced by a team because of their methods, were wanting me to find their completed slides to show everyone how crazy it was. In this sense, the “long and time-consuming” way to solve a problem became the “cool and interesting” way.  It became a personal challenge for students to come up with the most strange and complicated way to solve each problem. Throughout the class period, every student had their work projected for the class to see and had some fun and interesting comments made about their creations. I plan to continue to use this strategy and incorporate DESMOS into my lessons throughout the upcoming years as well.

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  1. Challenging oneself to create something new from a given situation without being asked to…WOW! Desmos, what a powerful platform to highly engage students and a teacher who subtly encourages them to take their learning to a new level! Kudos to you Anthony.

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